Takashi Ishio's page

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Professor at Department of Media Architecture, Future University Hakodate, Japan

Affiliated Professor at Software Engineering Laboratory, Division of Information Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology


Research Interests

Supporting software development activities based on program analysis and visualization techniques. You can find main research contributions in DBLP.

Research Funding

Most of the research activities are funded by the JSPS KAKENHI. Some statistics are available on KAKENHI Database.

Our research team also often collaborates with companies in Japan such as NEC, NTTData, JAMSS, and Givery.

Research Tools


  • Program Committee Member
    • APSEC2022 Poster Track Co-Chair
    • ICSME2022 Tool Demo Track and Joint Artifact Evaluation Track
    • SCORED2022
    • QUATIC2022
    • VISSOFT2021 Technical and NIER/TD
    • APSEC2021 Research Track
    • ICSME2021 Tool Demo Track
    • ASE2021 Late Breaking Ideas Track
    • SANER2021 Tool Demo Track
    • VISSOFT2020 Program Co-Chair
    • First International Workshop on New Interfaces for Programming (NIP’20)
    • APSEC2019 Research Track
    • ICSME2019 Tool Demo Track
    • VISSOFT2019 Research Track
    • VISSOFT2018 Research Track
    • APSEC2018 Research Track
    • APSEC2018 SEIP Track
    • ICST2018 Testing Tools Track
    • VISSOFT2017 Research Track
    • ICST2017 Testing Tools Track
    • AOAsia/Pacific2014 PC Member
    • TJIA2014 Academic Committee Member (the 7th Thailand-Japan International Academic Conference)
    • ICPC2014
    • Modulariyt:aosd13 Industrial Track
    • IWESEP2013
    • IWESEP2012
    • IWESEP2011
    • MENSURA2011
    • AOSD2011
    • IWESEP2010 Program Chair
    • AOAsia2009 Program Chair (Asian Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development co-located with ASE2010)
  • Organization
    • APSEC2018 Student Volunteer Co-Chair
    • SANER2016 Registration Chair
    • AOAsia2013 General Chair (Asia/Pacific Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development co-located with AOSD2013)
  • Journal Peer Review
    • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)
    • Information and Software Technology (IST)
    • Journal of Systems and Software (JSS)
    • Journal of Systems Architecture (JSA)
    • Sciecne of Computer Programming (SCP)
    • Empirical Software Engineering (EMSE)
    • Automated Software Engineering (AUSE)

Activities in Japan

  • IPSJ SIG Software Engineering
    • IPSJ Journal Editor-in-Chief of Special Issue on Software Engineering 2019
    • Board Member (2010-Present)
    • IPSJ SIGSE Software Engineering Symposium 2018 PC Chair
  • JSSST Foundation of Software Engineering Group
    • JSSST Workshop on Foundation of Software Engineering 2020 General Chair